Fixed Income Solutions

How Can I Maximize Income?

You have worked hard for your money and now you are ready to enjoy your golden years. Our income-producing solutions seek to get the most out of your nest egg while also giving you the security and peace-of-mind that you deserve.

At LaFleur & Godfrey, we believe in a balanced approach to investment management. While individual stocks are owned for their long-term growth prospects, our fixed income securities, comprised of individual bonds and/or bond ETFs, are held in your portfolio to preserve principal, generate adequate income and fund your withdrawal needs. With this in mind, our team’s fixed income investment approach focuses on ownership of high-quality, investment-grade securities and portfolio risk management.

Fixed Income Management & Portfolio Characteristics:

  • Segment the portfolio into buckets of short, intermediate and longer-term holdings.
  • Structure the portfolio with the client’s income needs in mind.
  • Emphasize overall portfolio quality – investment grade (Baa/BBB) or higher.
  • Ladder maturities with the average maturity of the portfolio generally in the 3-6 year range.
  • Utilize ETF portfolios when necessary and structure them similarly to our individual bond portfolios.
  • Monitor and actively manage fixed income portfolios when individual issues mature or portfolio cash flows change.
  • Adjust maturities based on client liquidity needs or a change in our team’s interest rate forecast.